PLM Design, the furniture brand by Pilma, came about at the end of the twentieth century. It shuns ever-changing trends and offers a pure vision of design, characterised by rational, minimalist style, quality, and simple forms.
close-up image of a sideboard by Pilma's furniture brand, PLM Design.
image of a sofa and table by Pilma's furniture brand, PLM Design.
image of a table and chairs by Pilma's furniture brand, PLM Design.
Twenty years later, PLM Design continues to inspire, through its carefully selected range of furniture, lighting and accessories that combine functionality and beauty.
The Pilma design brand has grown consistently to reach the 1,000 points of sale it has today, all over Spain and in various other European countries.
still life image for Pilma's furniture brand, PLM Design.
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Nuestra esencia

Here at Pilma, we believe good design transcends fashions and never goes out of date. Using our 45 years of experience and criteria based on sophistication and simplicity, we create and select pieces that are built to last and embody the true meaning of design: balance between form and function.
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Compromiso con la sostenibilidad

We know how important it is to preserve our environment and natural resources. That is why all the wood we use comes from controlled tree plantations.
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