Pilma Fragrance

A fragrance, a thousand sensations

It will now be a year since we found the fragrance that best represented our values and that has since then olfactorily identified our stores. We could briefly describe it like this:

“The warmth and comfort of wood merge with the safety and strength of metals in a harmonious combination of spicy nuances that transmit the traditional modernity of the values that Pilma has been developing for your home for years.”

Each person who visits our stores perceives our fragrance in a different way, and is transported to a different corner of their memories. However, everyone agrees that it is a fragrance with a lot of personality and character, and they have often asked us if they could buy it.

From now on, it is possible to buy it in any of our stores. It is available in air freshener, candle and mikado formats to make it easier for you to better adapt the fragrance to your home and preferences, and in packaging with geometric shapes that dialogue perfectly.